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Electrified | Volume 3-2022


  1. Message from the President: The EUEW Business Convention 2023 is going to take place in the Netherlands - Read more

  2. Message from the Secretary General: EUEW's activity during these past months - Read more

  3. Message from the Manager of Operations: The strength of EUEW resides in its resilience - Read more

  4. EUEW News: The Commission revised the Blue Guide on product rules in view of changes in legislation and markets - Read more

  5. Members News:

    • ADIME - Meet the new ADIME Board of Directors

    • EDA - Training modules receive Royal approval

    • EDA - EDATA’s latest upgrade improves user experience and data effectiveness

    • EFO - The first ETIM Forum was a success

    • FEDIBEL - F.E.E. merges with Techlink to now represent the entire Eco-System

    • STK - Primary energy coefficients and weighting factors as a major business enabler

6. Peers News:

  • ETIM International - New appointment of ETIM International Staff member

  • EuropeOn - EuropeOn supports the Parliament’s emphasis on skills and climate neutrality

  • LightingEurope - Guidelines for Radio Equipment Directive

  • LightingEurope - Publication of joint LightingEurope / IALD paper on how to create better lighting

  • LightingEurope - Frequently Asked Questions on Mercury Related Legislation for Lamps

  • LightingEurope - Phase-out of general lighting mercury lamps less than 1 year away


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