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EDATA’s latest upgrade improves user experience and data effectiveness

EDATA, the UK’s electrotechnical data pool which is managed by the Electrical Distributors’ Association (EDA), recently released a technical update designed to improve the experience of both the creators of product information (the manufacturers) and the consumers of product data (the wholesalers and their contractor customers).

With an ever-increasing need to find faster and smoother options for transferring product information between manufacturers and wholesaler distributors, over 50 leading manufacturers have joined that data pool in the last two years.

Highlights from the latest EDATA upgrade include:

  • Automatic 3-tier website navigation structure: for wholesalers moving to an ecommerce offer, a navigational structure for each of the 50+ manufacturers using EDATA can be downloaded and pushed onto a website without any lengthy workaround.

  • EDATA provides a more complete data set with new fields to accommodate the Trade Tariff Commodity Code, and the Country of Origin. For businesses involved in MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) work, the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®), the global classification of products and services, is also included.

  • Brand logos for the 50+ manufacturers using EDATA can be downloaded in one go, or individually. For wholesalers wanting to display a gallery on their website to demonstrate their stock range, it makes it much easier to manage and ensures you’re displaying the latest logos.

  • Providing improved search results so contractors can find products on a wholesaler website: the most important technical attributes of a product, the ones which contractors are most likely to search for, are now flagged, taking the guess work out of building search routines and filters on a website.

Richard Appleton, Head of Digitalization at the EDA, added:

“Making EDATA easier to use and more effective is central to its development. We have our own ideas for upgrades and improvements but it is really our customers – the 65 leading manufacturers and wholesalers using EDATA – that tell us which upgrades they would like to see first. There is another batch of upgrades scheduled for October 2022.”

EDATA was launched by the EDA in 2020, providing one-source-of-truth access for wholesalers and distributors to retrieve manufacturer product information. Visit to see the manufacturers in EDATA.

For the manufacturers and wholesalers using EDATA visit:


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