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New appointment of ETIM International Staff member

ETIM International has reached an agreement with Jeroen van der Holst to start as a new staff member as per 1st of June 2022. He will be taking on the role of Community Director.

Jeroen van der Holst applied as a staff member earlier this year, willing to give up his position as Manager ETIM at Ketenstandaard Bouw en Techniek in good faith with management and stakeholders of Ketenstandaard in the Netherlands. His main motivation is being able to make more of an impact on an international level, aiming that the ETIM community will be active in as many countries as possible (which ultimately also benefits ETIM members in the Netherlands).

No stranger

Jeroen is no stranger to ETIM International, having more than two decades of experience in MDM, PIM and Marketing Communications on an international level at Flamco, a subsidiary of Aalberts Hydronic Flow Control. He has already been involved in ETIM working groups since the late 90’s. He is currently chairman of the ETIM MC international user group and the Sector Committee for Building materials and already has an international network that he can put to good use.

Marc Habets, technical director to ETIM International, is very pleased with Jeroen joining ETIM International:

“I have known Jeroen for a long time now and am looking forward to working side by side with him. I am sure he will be of great value to us. Not just because of his extensive knowledge of ETIM and great ideas, but also because of his contribution to the continuity of our office.”


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