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EUEW's activity during these past months

“The heat of autumn is different from the heat of summer. One ripens apples, the other turns them to cider” says award-winning poet Jane Hirshfield, and I chose to open with this quote because it is a very good reference for the activity of the EUEW these past months.

Over summer we spent some time defining and ripening our new projects or setting purposeful additional goals for our current ones. This summer was one of the busiest ones at EUEW with late June meetings and the nomination of a new Board of Directors based on the new structure which we presented at the beginning of the year.

Apart from these major governance changes, the EUEW team focused on next years’ convention and prepared new projects to be started or further implemented at the beginning of autumn. These projects refer to bringing a new round of advocacy calls, creating a new group of advocacy experts, discussing the creation of a working group for market data and one for setting up some training opportunities for technicians in the industry to address some of the issues we are all currently facing.

The best valued project of the EUEW, the Advocacy Calls, continues up to year end with 4 new sessions covering the following topics: "Corporate Sustainable Due Diligence Regulation" - for September, "Revision of the machine directive" - for October, "Product Safety Regulation" - for November, and "Review of the packaging and packaging waste directive" - for December. Apart from continuing collaboration with our senior adviser for EU affairs, Mr. Bernd Gruner, we gained the support of 4 additional advocacy experts, from France, Finland, Germany and Belgium. They all teamed up with Bernd Gruner to select the most relevant topics for the industry, to best translate upcoming legislation for the electrical wholesaler’s industry, and, most importantly, to continue taking a firm stand where the voice of the electrical wholesalers needs to be heard, loud and clear.

Over summer, EUEW also prepared for joining the Light+Building event, where EUEW members are welcome with the highest level of hospitability by the fair and its representatives, who are currently working hard on the last details before bringing this iconic event back with an autumn edition, after a long brake caused by the pandemic. 12 of our national federation members and 5 of our group and corporate members will be visiting the fair and joining us for two days of meetings and networking in Frankfurt, this week, on October 5th and 6th.

Striving to bring even more consistent benefits to our members, EUEW has set an ambitious calendar for this autumn, including collaborations with peers for our own projects or offering support to theirs. We are also planning some new presentations and workshops apart from the well-appreciated advocacy calls and, if the members approve and welcome the proposal, by the end of the year we might be writing the first pages of a new, and successful story at EUEW. For now, I won’t say much more because I am one who prefers to share substantial results instead of ambitious plans, so continue to follow us closely, we have a lot more coming up this year and surely for 2023 as well.



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