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F.E.E. merges with Techlink to now represent the entire Eco-System

In Belgium, Fedibel is part of the F.E.E. organization. F.E.E. is representing the activities of the manufacturers, the distributors, and the maintenance companies.

In june 2022, F.E.E. merged with Techlink. Techlink was the association representing the installers, electrical, HVAC, and Sanitary. The name of the new structure is Techlink, Linking Technicians" in the sense that the name of the merged entity remains Techlink, but has changed its sender brand into “Linking Techniques”.

With this fusion, the new Techlink is now representing the entire Eco-System composed of manufacturers, distributors, installers and companies active in maintenance and the management of energy and waste.

The CEO of the new entity is Eric Piers.


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