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Electrified | Volume 1-2023


  1. Message from the President: 2023 is shaping up to be a great year at EUEW! - Read more

  2. Message from the Secretary General: Latest news about the EUEW Convention - Read more

  3. Meet the 2023 EUEW Business Convention Partners - Read more

  4. Latest numbers of the 2023 EUEW Business Convention - Read more

  5. Collaboration between EUEW and EuroCommerce is getting stronger - Read more

  6. The Green Deal Industrial Plan: scaling-up EU's net-zero industrial capacity - Read more

  7. Members News:

    • EDA: EDA welcomes its 93rd President, Charlie Lacey - Read more

    • STK: STK is first to include GWP value in product database - Read more

6. Peers News:

  • ETIM International: New President for ETIM - Read more / ETIM 9.0 published in the bSDD: optimizing data flow in the building sector - Read more / ETIM Modelling Classes - Read more

  • EuropeOn: EuropeOn invites value chain stakeholders for a dialogue on delivering the Green Deal - Read more


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