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STK is first to include GWP value in product database

Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association, STK, develops and maintains an information service Sähkö It is a unique national product database of the industry, containing information of 600.000 electrotechnical products.

In addition to the basic data, such as name and product identifiers, the service provides pictures, product descriptions, ETIM based technical information, documents, and links to suppliers' own product page.

Now it is possible to add also the GWP value of the product in the Sähkö database. GWP, Global Warming Potential, is expressed in terms of kg CO2e per kg of product. GWP represents objective data on the climate impact of a construction product. The information of the carbon footprint of a product can then be easily used thorough the supply chain of electrical products and the value chain of construction.

If the product's specific GWP value is not calculated and provided by the manufacturer, it can be automatically brought in the Sähkö database as a value of the typical product in its category. The so called conservative GWP value is available in Open Emissions Database for Construction, which is maintained by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment.


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