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Message from the Secretary General: Latest news about the EUEW Convention

Every new EUEW Business Convention is more successful than the last. At least this is how it’s been with the past few conventions whose successful path could not be stopped even by almost 2 years of pandemic, which made such gatherings almost impossible. Despite all odds, the EUEW Convention in Barcelona is our most successful event to date!

Eric Piers
Eric Piers, Secretary General of the EUEW

I would like to use this occasion to thank all delegates who already secured their place at the EUEW Business Convention in Rotterdam, mid-June. We were pleasantly surprised to see who many industry leaders look forward to joining us in Rotterdam, to discuss various aspects of the energy transition and the role of electrical wholesalers in a very dynamic market. The first 100 registrations were received within the first week since launching registrations.

The convention theme - Energy transition: a key role of electrical wholesalers - aims to cover topics such as sustainability, circular economy, digitalization in three plenary sessions on the first half of the day followed by presentations in breakout during the afternoon. More information on this formal part of the program will follow soon. For the two networking dinners, EUEW teamed up with our amazing partners and we are preparing a few surprises to make your time spent with your partners even more enjoyable and relaxing.

Over the past years, we noticed how much the interactions and networking mean to our delegates. Therefore, this year we are setting up a dedicated networking area which, pared with the new convention app, which we will be launching soon, will offer ample possibilities to meet and discuss with your partners and peers. Let’s call this a pilot networking project, for now; it is meant to assess the need for a more extensive endeavour during future conventions.

In today’s fast changing market, it is very important for companies in this industry to work together to defend their common interests. However, this is no longer enough, and it is very important for the electrical wholesalers to work closer and closer with their peers in the ecosystem as well. In this sense, we are proud that a lot of professionals representing organizations of the wider ecosystem are also joining us in Rotterdam.

Keep following us for more details about the program and if you haven’t registered already don’t hesitate to join us, our partners and the numerous delegates who secured their place at the 2023 EUEW Business Convention!


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