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Electrified | Volume 4-2022


  1. Message from the President: Electrical wholesalers in Europe keep hoping for the best while preparing for the worst - Read more

  2. Message from the Secretary General: EUEW to take advocacy to the next level - Read more

  3. Message from the Manager of Operations: Memorable experience aboard the SS Rotterdam for the 2023 EUEW Business Convention - Read more

  4. Members News:

    • ADIME: Updating the electrical installation, key to the future of the Spanish housing stock - Read more / Need to update the electrical installation before a rehabilitation - Read more

    • EDA: EDA's inaugural conference, Power It Up, shares a vision of the future - Read more

    • EFO: Norway is becoming Solar Ready - Read more

    • VEG: New Board Members for the German Association of Electrical Wholesalers - Read more

    • VES: Uninterrupted positive turnover development - Read more / The Swiss Electrical Database turns 25 - Read more

6. Peers News:

  • ETIM International: Changes to the Board of ETIM International - Read more / The ETIM data exchange project - an update on our steps toward a new format - Read more

  • Europacable: New survey on CPR from Europacable - Read more

  • EuropeOn: "We need to talk about skills": EuropeOn spreading the word at 3 different events in September - Read more / How can the Primary Energy Factor (PEF) help to incentivize energy transition? - Read more



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