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Collaboration between EUEW and EuroCommerce is getting stronger

The first governance meetings of the EUEW in 2023 took place on February 28th, in Brussels. The Advisory Council meeting of the EUEW welcomed special guests representing EuroCommerce. Ms. Christel Delberghe, EuroCommerce Director General and Ms. Leena Whittaker, Director of Competitiveness at EuroCommerce accepted the invitation of the EUEW President, Mr. Alexander Dewulf to discuss how the two organizations can work closer together.

Ms. Delberghe and Ms. Whittaker delivered a presentation informing EUEW Advisory Council members about the ambitions of EuroCommerce for this year and for 2024, introduced the new members of the EuroCommerce team and shared the short- and long-term priorities of the organization. As EUEW is representing electrical wholesalers, the EuroCommerce representatives focused on detailing the priorities for wholesale which turned out to figure on the lists of priorities of most EUEW Advisory Council members as well.

Ms. Delberghe mentioned the report on “Transforming the EU retail and wholesale sector” elaborated in collaboration with McKinsey & Company which helped identify wholesale specific challenges. The study “estimates that the retail and wholesale sector needs to invest up to €600 billion between now and 2030 to achieve its digital and sustainability transformation and to attract and retain talent”.

The two organizations also further discussed on how they can continue to support each other and how they can strengthen their partnership, a constant communication and exchange of information being the main pillars on which to continue to build the collaboration.


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