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EUEW appoints new Board of Directors

Sallamaari Muhonen of STK Finland, Hans Henning of VEG Germany, Frank Jaegtnes of EFO Norway, Simon Sanfilippo of FME Italy, Darius Kremer of WKO Austria, and Guillaume Dubrule representing REXEL, are the new members of the EUEW Board of Directors.

EUEW appoints new Board of Directors

The six, newly elected members, are joining the already appointed members of the EUEW Presidium as part of the first EUEW Board of Directors with a reduced number of members. For over 65 years, at EUEW, the members of the General Assembly and the members of the Board of Directors were the same, the representatives of all EUEW national federation members.

Recognizing the need for faster reactions and more efficient actions to all changes and challenges in the ecosystem and on a very fast-paced European market, the EUEW General Assembly Members had decided to make some major changes. At the beginning of this year, in February, the GA meeting decided to reduce the number of members of the board of directors to only include the members of the Presidium plus an additional 3 to 6 members at large.

Once again proving its versatility, amazing capacity to change and adapt to the everchanging needs of its members, EUEW remains one of the main pillars of its ecosystem working closely with its members and peers, for the best interest of all parties involved.

Keep following us as we will bringing you more exciting news and more projects. With this new, amazing team of dedicated and highly involved members of the board there are already a lot of projects in the pipeline.


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