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Main areas of interest at EUEW

Updated: May 21, 2022

There are a lot of new European initiatives prepared by the European Commission, in different stages of elaboration and adoption that EUEW has been following in recent years with the support of the EUEW Senior Adviser for EU Affairs, Mr. Bernd Gruner.

With the current and slightly unexpected challenges for digitalization, green transformation, logistics and they supply chain affecting parts of the ecosystem directly or indirectly, based on the research done by Mr. Gruner and with the support of the EUEW President and Secretary General to summarize and allocate level of importance at present, EUEW has prepared a chart with the most important topics which are being currently followed.

EU Legal Initiatives of interest for EUEW
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The results of this exercise were presented to the members of the EUEW Board of Directors, and the document was highly appreciated. This document will be shared by the national associations with their members further and discussed and assessed at national level with the aim to also have feedback on which are the main topics of interest for each respective EUEW country.

Mr. Gruner will continue to follow further developments on all these areas of interest and the topics of the highest interest will continue to be discussed and debated in more detail during the monthly advocacy calls.


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