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New bylaws of the EUEW adopted this February

During the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers on the 24th of February, EUEW members adopted important changes to the bylaws of the federation. The most important modification brought by this extraordinary vote is the reduction of the number of Board Members from the historical number of 17 members, equal to the number of members of the General Assembly Meeting of EUEW, to a maximum of 6 members along the EUEW Presidium.

EUEW Bylaws

EUEW leaders and members consider this a major step into the present and a very important first action taken for a more dynamic decision-making process. The EUEW is acquiring an increasingly more important role in its ecosystem and as the industry is becoming more fast paced and requires faster reactions, the instruments of EUEW had to be adapted for achieving such results. The members of the current Board of Directors of EUEW are important leaders of the electrical whole