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EUEW is thrilled to share with you its calendar of activities for 2022

With travelling still affected by the COVID pandemic and the rules that have been in place in many countries for about two years now but encouraged by the new wave of better pandemic related news coming from numerous countries, EUEW has decided to continue with its bold approach to in person meetings and will organize two such meetings this year. This approach is strongly supported by all EUEW members as they are looking forward to meeting in person for the next General Assembly.

First, the EUEW members of the General Assembly will be meeting in Brussels with the main aim of electing the new EUEW Board of Directors this June. The General Assembly Meeting followed by the last Board of Directors meeting in the current format will be taking place on June 28th. This first day of meetings will be followed by the meeting of the EUEW Advisory Council on June 29th.

Then, EUEW is considering having a delegation visit the Light + Building Fair in Frankfurt in conjunction with one of its Board of Directors meetings, this October. Online meetings will also move forward as planned and preparations for the next EUEW Convention in 2023 should be starting during the second half of the year. Keep in touch to receive more information soon!


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