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Electrified | Volume 1-2021


Dear EUEW members and partners,

We all have been challenged by 2020 and one of the most forceful pandemics in the modern history of humankind. None of us could foresee what was about to happen during the same period last year. None of us could anticipate the striking effect of this unprecedented challenge – and yet, here we are, ready to face a new time, with a new set of priorities and skills.

Individually and as a strong business community, we all did our best to fight the consequences and conquer this challenge. We all went through changes, travel restrictions and lockdowns. But we proved to be strong and we adapted ourselves and helped other adapt as well. Digitalization was the 2020 keyword for sure, and although we now may suffer from “Zoom fatigue”, we are aware that technology and digital meetings cannot replace the real human interactions – and it will never do. But without technology, imagine how 2020 would have been for you and your companies?

As EUEW President, I wish to thank you for your efforts and dedication. Your support, determination, and numerous attendances, for example, in our monthly Advocacy Calls drove the EUEW to achieve new milestones, even if we had temporary to renounce to other projects, like the EUEW Convention.

This year we will continue the path we embarked on in 2020. Not only we will closely follow the challenging and numerous legislative European Commission’ initiatives for the benefit of our members, but we will also continue to express, when needed in collaboration with the peer organizations from our ecosystem, our opinions and positions regarding such initiatives. To inform our members, via social media, our own website and newsletters about what moves and impacts our industry and ecosystem remains the objective this year as well. Keep following and promoting us. Put the topics you would like to see addressed on the agenda and participate actively in the working groups that will be established. Share your national news with us. The more active the EUEW community becomes, the better the purposes of our association will be achieved and the more valuable the voice of the Electrical Wholesalers community will sound.

Some things happen beyond our control. However, as President of the EUEW, I am really looking forward to shaking your hands and to meet you in person again. Let us all hope this becomes true in next November, at the postponed EUEW 2021 Annual Business Convention. In the meantime, stay connected with us!

Sincerely yours,

Alexander Dewulf President of the EUEW

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