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Electrified | Volume 1-2020

Message by Secretary General

It is impossible for a human being and a compassionate business leader not to be disheartened or worried by the ongoing devastation wrought by COVID-19. As I write this, the analysts are tracking more than 2 million confirmed cases across the globe and 137,000 deaths. While health concerns remain on top of everyone’s mind, the negative effects on business are also taking its toll on all of us. Some analysts are predicting this to be the deepest recession in 100 years.

We are closely monitoring and reporting on the developments as it happens. A number of organizations and institutions are now offering free webinars, research and other source of information on navigating this crisis in short and long term. In this edition of Electrified, please see the best practices offered by our member nation organizations.

Just recently, the European Commission and European Parliament has announced that they will engage with EuroCommerce, EUEW’s strategic partner, to assess impact of COVID-19 on agri-food chain. Please watch a full coverage on COVID-19 and its impact on European wholesale and commerce.

In times of disruption—whether driven by a pandemic or a tech revolution or other forces of nature/economics—the EUEW will continue strive to light the way forward. We’ll aim to inform, educate, and connect business leaders in our community so we can have better visibility ahead by sharing learnings and best practices.

Hans Hanegreefs EUEW's Secretary General



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