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EUEW’s position on CPR review submitted to the Commission

On 19 August 2020, EUEW officially submitted its views on the proposed roadmap for the CPR review to the European Commission, contributing the views of European electrical wholesalers to this public consultation.

New innovative electrotechnical products and digitalization will play an important role in achieving the objectives related to the decarbonization of the European building stock and the constitution of a more sustainable internal market for construction products. EUEW considers for the CPR review that it is important to follow a solution providing a regulatory framework of clear rules supporting a differentiated approach depending on the nature and the specificities of the product categories. The framework should be open for innovation allowing the integration of upcoming new technological developments and the progressive integration of sustainability aspects. The creation of additional regulatory burdens for economic operators can be avoided by considering existing initiatives of the professions in the ecosystem.

Read the full report on EUEW’s position and recommendations.



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