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Welcome by Hans Hanegreefs, Secretary General

Dear EUEW Member,

Dear Colleague,

I feel privileged to take over the position of General Secretary of the EUEW. I was truly honored to attend the Annual General Convention in Krakow (June 1-3, 2017), where I had the opportunity to meet with EUEW's members in person, and better understand the challenges as well as opportunities that lie ahead. It is remarkable that most trade organisations are facing similar challenges, and with our past experiences, I am looking forward to adding value in helping answer some of these challenges, and support EUEW in its future journey.

As the only pan-European organization representing the electrical wholesalers, I am confident the potential for growth is enormous.

We will be providing better communication platforms to encourage electric wholesalers to interact more and share best practices, launch new B2B networking opportunities, improve/introduce intelligence and market trend analysis, venture into lobbying at the EU level, and much more, to help better navigate the uncertainties of the global business environment.

Thank you in advance for all your support and assistance in making this all happen.

Best regards,

Hans Hanegreefs

Secretary General – EUEW



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