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Welcome to Rotterdam!

Henk Oude Brunink, EUEW Vice President

Within the EUEW community, we all cooperate in areas that transcend our own interests in a relationship that is strategic and reaches beyond a transactional level. And our periodic EUEW Conventions have a longstanding tradition of establishing and reinforcing these relationships for the future.

Henk Oude Brunink - current Vice President of the EUEW and future President of the EUEW

Rotterdam is a no-nonsense city with a very clear slogan:

Centred around the most important harbour of Europe, almost 600.000 people of 175 different nationalities live in Rotterdam. After the historic city centre was largely destroyed during the early days of the second world war, Rotterdam became a cradle for innovative architecture, including the Erasmus Bridge, the Cube Houses and a host of skyscrapers. As a true melting pot of various cultures and the intrinsic guts to invest in ground-breaking new projects, the city has a unique position the Netherlands and radiates a positive energy to both inhabitants as well as to those who visit.

Energize Transition is the theme of this year’s Convention. A transition that is also on its way in Rotterdam with many initiatives, ranging from emissions reductions in the harbour by capturing carbon and usage of residual heat via the construction of heat networks to a true floating farm that produces healthy food in the city, close to the consumers and that combines sustainability, circularity and innovation with animal welfare. I hope you find the time visit the city and get a feel for the vibrant and future oriented atmosphere of Rotterdam. I would say: make it happen!

A true Rotterdam experience is never complete without water or water transportation. Therefore, I am delighted to welcome you to the steamship Rotterdam. Launched on September 13th 1958 in Rotterdam, she is maritime, technical and cultural heritage. The ship entered in 1959 as the flagship of the Holland-America Line for her maiden voyage to New York with princess Beatrix on board. The ss Rotterdam is the largest passenger ship ever built in the Netherlands as one of the last 'ocean liners'. And for those interested in engineering: the propulsion plant with steam turbines is still complete and on display. And as the ss Rotterdam will not be sailing, I can recommend a trip in a water taxi for your dose of water transport around the city. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

I look forward to welcoming all of you to this city of hidden charm and surprises with a strong potential of thrilling you!


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