THANK YOU - EUEW Brussels 2019

Dear EUEW Members, Partners & Friends,

Thank you for making EUEW Brussels 2019 a truly memorable and positive event. We truly appreciate and value the energy you brought to the meetings, the contributions you made to the debates and discussions, the commitment you showed to our strategic plan and vision, and the team spirit you shared during our celebration moments.

It´s clear that there´s a great momentum around the future of EUEW – with a new strategic plan, a committed leadership, a solid communication strategy and an ambition to think and act on a European level. It´s also clear that we have great many challenges (and opportunities) ahead of us if we are to remain relevant and competitive in the global marketplace.

You can already download all the presentations of our incredible Guest Speakers whose insights reconfirmed the need for all of us – as business and business leaders – to change continuously. From China´s new norm, to Amazon´s past, present and future, from artificial intelligence to circ