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Sharing information, communication and feedback

Sharing information, communication and feedback: these are the fundamental components for the current activity of EUEW.

During the past years, at EUEW, communication played a major role, and it became more important than ever. In pandemic years, it was quite a challenge to organize any kind of live meetings. At the same time, platforms for digital communication became better and much more user friendly. EUEW didn’t take any break from communication, and we immediately started using all alternative means of communication available, to keep in close contact with our members and the partners of our ecosystem and to get their valuable feedback on our activity and projects.

As EUEW, we started dedicating more and more time to communication with our members and our peers and a new, highly regarded project of the EUEW came out of this: 1 to 1 online meetings with EUEW members as well as recurring calls with peers in the ecosystem. The main aim was to continue strengthening collaboration and build further on joint projects.

In recent months it became clear to us that the lobby and advocacy role that EUEW is building at European level is the most appreciated project of the federation and the one which has the most relevance to our members. The Convention continues to be a major platform for communication and networking in the industry and its new format and the topics brought in recent years are very attractive and popular for the industry. In terms of internal communication, the EUEW community is highly supportive of continuing the 1 to 1 online meetings, which will now become quarterly calls, with all stakeholders involved.

EUEW members and peers agree about the importance and necessity of sharing good practices from different countries and different organizations and on the importance of standing up for what is important for the industry together, now and in the future. As many other organizations, EUEW members want to have more occasions to meet and debate about the major issues of the industry such as green transformation, circular economy, digitalization, challenges in the supply chain, professionalization of the electrical wholesaler role and find solutions together. Therefore, we might say that the COVID pandemic brought us all even closer than we were before and helped us keep in touch better.

This close communication with the members and peers and having processed and incorporated their feedback has helped EUEW identify its new direction, its focus and the most relevant projects and paths we should concentrate on. A new strategic plan of EUEW will be built on all this information and its main purpose will be to respond to the new needs and expectations of EUEW members.


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