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EUEW Monthly Advocacy Meeting: Renovation Wave Initiative

7 October 2020

The October Advocacy Review Meeting will be on the Renovation Wave Initiative for public and private buildings.

Buildings are an indispensable part for reaching the carbon neutrality, energy efficiency and renewable energy objectives set by the Green Deal as the building stock consumes 40% of the total energy consumption and produces 36% of GHG emissions in the EU. Approximately 80% of today's buildings will still be in use in 2050 of which 75% are energy inefficient. The initiative will take the form of a strategic communication with an integrated approach across policy areas addressing energy efficiency, development of renewables, circularity, climate resilience, e-mobility infrastructure and digitalization. It will consider legal and non-legislative instruments, enabling tools, financing and non-financing aspects at different levels of actions (local, regional, national and EU). An action plan will be established to address the main barriers and to reinforce the pull factors for faster and deeper renovation, triggering at least a doubling of current renovation rates and reducing GHG emissions. The renovation initiative has the potential to provide additional business opportunities to electrical wholesalers.

The communication on the renovation wave initiative is expected to be published by the Commission in September 2020. The elements of interest for electrical wholesalers of this strategic communication will be presented to members at the e-meeting from 10:00 to 11:00 CET on 7 October.



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