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Henk Oude Brunink is the EUEW President Elect

EUEW is pleased to announce the appointment of Henk Oude Brunink as the President Elect for EUEW in 2021, for a period of 2 years. Henk is appointed to take over the role of EUEW President, after Alexander Dewulf, who is recently appointed to serve from 2019-2021.

Henk serves as the Member of the Board for itsme and Chairman of the Board for IDEE (International Distributors of Electrical Equipment).

A graduate of the University of Groningen and IMD Lausanne, Henk started his career 27 years ago, in an electrical wholesale company, called Ehrbecker, a company who then consisted of 75 employees and functioned in a very fragmented market landscape in the Netherlands. The need for national coverage, scale and quality led to the merger of Ehrbecker with three other electrical wholesale companies, including the introduction of a new IT system and a centralized supply chain organization. After successful completion of the transformation, Henk took over the leading role of IT and Logistics in the newly created company Ehrbecker Schiefelbusch. In 1994, Ehrbecker Schiefelbusch became one of the founding fathers of IDEE (International Distributors of Electrical Equipment), an international group of independent electrical distributors.

Henk comments:

“I am very honored to have been chosen to serve as the Incoming President Elect of EUEW. I’m grateful for the support and trust of the EUEW Presidium as well as the Board of IDEE who have nominated me for this extraordinary role. I’m looking forward to driving the strategic priorities of EUEW and to represent the interests of one of the best kept secrets in the European markets. Driving electrification, automation and digitalization with a keen understanding of needs and a human touch, I believe the electrical wholesale community will play a major role in creating a sustainable, safe, healthy and bright future for our children. I am a firm believer of the old African proverb: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’ and together with the visionary leaders of our Federation, its member organizations and its companies, I’m looking forward to our journey ahead.”

Connect with Henk on LinkedIn, and join us in welcoming him aboard EUEW.



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