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Farewell, my friends, and see you soon

Dear EUEW members, collaborators, and friends, this is my final address to you as Secretary General of the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers. At the end of the EUEW Business Convention, this June, I will be happily passing on my role to Koen Lauryssen, my friend and great supporter during my years working closer with the EUEW Leadership.

However, I could not leave without expressing my heartfelt appreciation to my colleagues in the EUEW Board of Directors, Advisory Council and the National Federations who provided their invaluable support and insights for all decisions taken and for all endeavours we tried to achieve.

To my fellow Secretary Generals of all our EUEW partners and peers, I extend my deepest gratitude for your cooperation and commitment. Your active participation and engagement have been instrumental in driving the success of the EUEW along with the success of your organizations and in shaping the future of our ecosystem. Together, we have created a powerful platform to advocate for the joint interests of our members.

I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to the EUEW Bureau for their unwavering support and guidance throughout my mandate as Secretary General. Their hands on and proactive attitude, the use of their multiple expertise to facilitate the implementing of EUEW projects, and their transparency and commitment to our collaboration made me feel as part of the team where everyone is strongly steering in the same direction. All of us working as a very strong team overseeing only the best interests of EUEW has also been instrumental in leading the EUEW towards continuous growth and advancement.

Though my role as Secretary General may be concluding, I am delighted to announce that I will continue to serve as a representative of Fedibel, EUEW member from Belgium. I eagerly look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration, further contributing to the development of our industry, and working hand in hand with all of you to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The EUEW ecosystem is a remarkable community that brings together talented individuals, visionary leaders, and forward-thinking organizations. It is through our collective efforts that we can truly make a difference and shape the future of the electrical wholesaling sector in Europe.

As I bid farewell to my current position, I do so with a profound sense of gratitude and pride for the accomplishments we have achieved together. I am confident that the EUEW will continue to reach new heights with the guidance of our next Secretary General and under the leadership of Henk Oude Brunink, the new President of the EUEW.

See you all in Rotterdam!



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