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Electrified | Volume 4

Message from the Secretary General

Welcome to the fourth edition of EUEW Electrified, the official voice of the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers.

We’re particularly proud to announce the addition of a new member nation – Lithuania (NETA) – who has come onboard EUEW to represent the interests of a great nation and member of the Baltic States on a European Union level. Lithuania joined NATO in 2004, EU in 2004, Schengen in 2007 and OECD in 2018. A very warm welcome to Gediminas Abartis, Director of NETA and all its member companies.

In this edition of Electrified, we are bringing you some important updates and delivery on the Strategic Roadmap: EU Monitoring Report on critical Cybersecurity in the hyper-connected world wide web. Take the time to review the detailed EU Affairs & Advocacy Report on all essential issues and policy updates by the European Commission.

Find out more about our ongoing efforts to build the EUEW eco-system as we strike new and closer partnerships with peer organizations in Europe and beyond.

All this and much more will be revealed during and at the 2020 ABC (Annual Business Convention) in Barcelona, as we meet again with movers and shakers, and newsmakers of our industry to stay on course. Find out more and get onboard as a strategic partner of the Leading EU Event of Electrical Wholesale Leaders.

For suggestions, feedback, and more, do get in touch with me directly.

Hans Hanegreefs EUEW's Secretary General


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