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Electrified | Volume 2-2021


Dear EUEW members and partners,

We are now entering the second half of 2021, yet another challenging year for our lives and for our businesses. However, this year also brought a glimpse of hope in the fight against this merciless virus. Countries all over the world started to provide vaccines to their citizens and things are looking a bit better, thus allowing us to hope for a better tomorrow.

With these high hopes in mind, I am proud to inform you that the EUEW is working on a new organization structure, with the aim of better achieving its current and future goals. The new structure of the bylaws was proposed and adapted by a group of EUEW’s own members, under the leadership of Mr. Koen Lauryssen, from the EUEW Bureau and with the excellent supervision done by Mr. Henk Oude Brunink, EUEW Vice-President and future president. The new and updated EUEW wants to be at the service of its members more and offer better and more efficient governance.

As EUEW President, during the past months, I had a lot of digital meetings with EUEW members, with EUEW peer organizations and with other EUEW partners. I must say that, although digital meetings are much more time efficient and the discussions are much more on point, most of us agreed that face to face discussions and interaction could never fully be replaced by technology.

Same as most organizations all over the world, EUEW adapted, quite successfully, to this new kind of communication and collaboration. We moved on with our activities and plans and we started new projects. However, and a bit in spite of the current international situation, EUEW decided to be more optimistic this year. In our last communication via Electrified, I was informing you about the rescheduling of our Annual Business Convention from 2020 to November 2021. We dare to hope that our networking event will happen as planed since EUEW intends to be part of the industry avant-garde in 2021 and start organizing face to face meetings again.

I am thrilled to let you know that the positive reactions we received from our delegates registered in 2020 give us an additional boost of energy as we move forward with setting all new details for the Convention in 2021. Most of our delegates from 2020 already confirmed their presence at the 2021 event and we strongly encourage those who have not gotten back to us yet, to let us know if they would like to keep their registrations.

For all EUEW members and all industry professionals interested in the 2021 Annual Business Convention in Barcelona, I have only one message: Stay in touch! The EUEW team is currently working on the last updates before going live with the registrations again. As soon as that happens, we will spread the news and we gladly welcome your registrations.

I would also like to thank EUEW members who extensively promoted the EUEW Business Convention in their countries and who intend to continue to do so after the reopening of the registrations. Dear EUEW members, your contribution with promoting the event is invaluable to us and we count on your support this year too.

There is a very popular saying nowadays, which is an excellent expression for what we wish for all of us: “Stay negative but remain positive!” On this cheerful note, I would like to invite everyone to Barcelona, for the Annual Business Convention of the EUEW, 18 – 19 November 2021. EUEW looks forward to meeting you there!

Sincerely yours,

Alexander Dewulf President of the EUEW



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