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Barcelona 2020 ABC Partnership Program open now

Building on a strong European momentum built in Bonn and Brussels, EUEW is now gearing up for another memorable Annual Business Convention (ABC) in Barcelona. Save the dates 7-8 May 2020, and get ready to get behind the scenes and on stage of the most powerful and leading organization of Electrical Wholesalers of the European Union.

EUEW is cordially inviting all sponsors and partners to get onboard this leading event. Striving to defend and build the European heritage of innovation, we are inviting visionary companies and leaders to strengthen their strategic partnership with EUEW and play a leading role in defining the future of Electrical wholesale industry in Europe and the world.

Barcelona – the sixth most populous urban area in the European Union after Paris, London, Madrid, the Ruhr area and Milan – was chosen as the host city of our 2020 ABC for its commitment to sustainable living, innovative spirit, artistic history, strong cultural heritage… the essential foundations of EUEW’s quest to promote a stronger circular economy.

Focusing on the theme “NET ZERO”, we are building on the legacy and momentum of EUEW Bonn 2018 & EUEW Brussels 2019, and heading South to celebrate the heritage of a city that has continuously reinvented itself in sustainable living and responsible urbanization. In Barcelona, we will continue the debates on such topics, and focus on driving our industry and mindset to achieving NET ZERO. We will also shed the light on building a Blue Economy and how large-scale electrification will play a role in our future as industry professionals and world citizens.

Get onboard to help us build a more beautiful planet, through a sustainable electrical eco-system.



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