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Need to update the electrical installation before a rehabilitation

Reference entities in the sectors of manufacturing, wholesaling and installation of electrical material in Spain have launched an awareness campaign aimed at making visible the importance of updating the electrical installation when carrying out an integral rehabilitation.

Under the motto “¿Reformas o rehabilitas? No gastes en reformas, invierte en rehabilitación” (“Reforms or rehabilitates? Don't spend on reforms, invest in rehabilitation”) it is recalled that, without an updated electrical installation, rehabilitation is not effective.

The promoting entities, ADIME, AFME, AMBIAFME, AMBILAMP, ANFALUM, APIEM, CONAIF and FACEL, address the key agents in the rehabilitation process: architects, technical architects and property managers, due to their prescriptive capacity; as well as owners, remembering that electrical updating is essential for a home or building to be energy efficient, sustainable, and prepared for changes aimed at decarbonization from electrification. The campaign also wants to raise awareness of the opportunity of the moment thanks to the many existing public aid.

The electrical update, key in a rehabilitation

Beyond the opportunity, the entities warn that only by adding the update of the electrical installation can the energy bill of the home be reduced to the maximum. In terms of sustainability, it also makes it possible to incorporate the solutions that are the protagonists of the energy transition (self-consumption, ventilation, aerothermal energy, lighting, etc.), warning of the risk of undertaking a rehabilitation that, without updating the electrical installation, could lead to the premature obsolescence of the property. It is also pointed out that the cost of this action usually ranges between 5 and 8% of the total cost of integral rehabilitation.

The promoters of the action recall that rapid progress is being made towards a 100% electrified society and, therefore, it is essential to be prepared. Bearing in mind that, in Spain, the housing stock is particularly aged and the average renovation per home is 1 every 20 years, properly updating the electrical installation in a rehabilitation process is essential to prevent the aging of the property.

From this awareness campaign, therefore, the electrical installation is defined as an essential element to achieve maximum energy efficiency. A key objective given the urgent need for decarbonization, especially in a country where buildings are the fourth leading cause of CO2 emissions.


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