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Updating the electrical installation, key to the future of the Spanish housing stock

In Spain, more than 13 million homes have a faulty electrical installation. A particularly problematic fact considering that we are heading towards a 100% electric society.

That is why, different entities from the sectors of manufacturing, wholesaling and installation of electrical material, have launched an awareness action aimed at making visible the importance of updating the electrical installation when carrying out an integral rehabilitation, remembering that without updating the electrical installation, the rehabilitation will not be effective.

Behind this initiative is ADIME, AFME, AMBIAFME, AMBILAMP, ANFALUM, APIEM, CONAIF and FACEL. All of them are addressed to key agents in the rehabilitation process: architects, technical architects and property managers, due to their prescriptive capacity; as well as owners.

It is expected that until 2030, around 300.000 homes a year in Spain will be rehabilitated to make them more efficient, thanks to the aid from the administrations. For this reason, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity and update the electrical installation of the houses because, otherwise, they will be condemned to premature obsolescence.

Let's add together

This is an awareness-raising action that requires the collaboration of any interested entity or person. Its dissemination, through mail or social networks, will allow the message to reach the maximum number of people possible, raising awareness of the value of the electrical installation as an essential element in a rehabilitation.

We invite you to learn about the 10 reasons why updating the electrical installation is key to making a home energy efficient, sustainable and prepared. Together, let's build homes with a future.


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