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STK published its first ever sales statistics on the number of charging devices for buildings

Sallamaari Muhonen, Managing Director, Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association

The sales statistics are the telling story which most of us have already noted. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and this is clearly reflected in the charger statistic. In Q2 of 2021 the charger market grew with some 11,800 units matching well with the sales of electric vehicles (12,120 EVs) during the same period.

Electric car charger

In Finland, the electrification of passenger cars has continued at an almost 100% annual rate for several years and at the end of 2021, we might see the 100,000th EV on Finnish roads unless the global chip shortage slows down development.

The numbers of public charging stations have been followed for several years, but only now do we have some data on the non-public chargers installed in private households, housing associates, and workplaces. The data completes the picture of how the charging network is developing as a whole in Finland. Additionally, it serves as a good indicator of electrification of parking spaces in real estate. No wonder the new statistics by STK gained a lot of media attention when published in September, 2021.

Based on the statistics for the first half of the year, the most common type of installation is a basic Type 2 charger with a nominal power of 22 kW. Second place is held by low-cost chargers with domestic socket outlets chargers which are usually replacing a car heater outlet box used for preheating combustion engine cars during winter.

The housing associates have enjoyed 35% government subsidies for the cost of charger installations, which has spurred them to provide their residents at least reservations for chargers and chargers for the early adopters. The subsidies are planned to be extended to 2022 and 2023 ensuring that charger installations keep up with the pace of deployment of EVs.

We expect a very positive development in charger sales in Finland, but we are concerned about the global component shortage bringing dark clouds to an otherwise bright horizon.


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