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Sallamaari Muhonen appointed to the new CEO of Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association

Sallamaari Muhonen

Sallamaari Muhonen has been appointed as CEO of the Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association (STK) starting on January 1st, 2021. Tarja Hailikari, the long-term CEO of the association, will continue as an advisor to her successor until her retirement at the end of February.

Tarja Hailikari & Sallamaari Muhonen
Tarja Hailikari & Sallamaari Muhonen

Sallamaari Muhonen has had a comprehensive career both in private and public sector and as a board professional and in positions of trust. Lately she has been working as a strategy director and partner at Netprofile Finland Oy providing public relations, content management and digital marketing services to their customers.

"We selected Sallamaari due to her wide-ranging experience and background, extensive network and people skills", says Martti Forss, Chairman of Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association, CEO of Onninen Oy. Martti Forss sees electrotechnical trade playing a key role in combating climate change. It is therefore important to further raise the profile of the industry.

"Our industry is also a good example for the digitalization of business processes. In addition, we would like to make known that we are offering interesting jobs and opportunities to participate in building a better living environment. Sallamaari's strong communication skills support all these goals in an excellent way", Forss says.

Sallamaari Muhonen

"I consider the position of the CEO of STK to be an inspiring task that matches with my own values. Electrification and energy efficiency of buildings and the whole environment play a strong role in combating climate change. The member companies of STK and the services provided by the association are at the heart of this development. It is great to be able to promote smart solutions and to continue my work in the field of sustainable development", Sallamaari Muhonen says.

Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association (STK) represents nearly 100 electrical wholesaling, manufacturing and importing companies. The association promotes the development and effectiveness of the industry and provides advanced digital services for electrical industries. These services include Sähkö product data service which contains comprehensive product data for 600,000 electrotechnical products and multi-purpose tools widely used by the entire ecosystem: electrical manufacturers, wholesalers, contractors, designers and estate owners. STK will celebrate its 90th anniversary next year.


For more information:

Sallamaari Muhonen

CEO | Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association (STK)

+358 44 3010640


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