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NETA Lithuania joins EUEW

The EUEW is proud to welcome NETA (the National Electrical Engineering Business Association) as a new member. NETA unites companies engaged in electrical engineering business including electrical equipment manufacturers, wholesalers, installers, system integrators, and universities and colleges since 2001.

NETA’s members provide complete electrical products and solutions for all industrial, construction and service projects ranging from cables, components, light equipment, electrical cabinets to ventilation units and fully automated control systems. Virtually all electrical products can be found on NETA members' supply lists.

Gediminas Abartis, Director of NETA, who attended the EUEW 2019 Annual General Convention in Brussels, said:

“Since our foundation in 2001, NETA’s main objectives are to ensure high quality, good service and technical advice for the users of the purchased electrical equipment, and to ensure stable business development and economic security for the members of the association. I was privileged to attend the EUEW Annual General Convention in Brussels, and soon realized that our values and mission resonate with those of EUEW – especially when it comes to representing the issues of mutual concerns on a European level. United we stand, divided we fall! As the world becomes more global, and yet so segregated, we want to join forces with our EU Partners and spread our wings of opportunities by joining EUEW.”


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