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Important Statistical Project of Our EUEW Member Association From Italy, FME

For over a year, FME has been developing an ambitious statistical survey project so as to obtain figures for both national and regional sales of electrical material.

The most important suppliers are under the magnifying lens; sell-out figures per product category will be available for more than 200 suppliers. Every month, members of the Federation will receive, free of charge, a report giving a precise picture of the performance of the electrical equipment market in Italy. The project is called SVE - STATISTICHE VENDUTO ELETTRICO and its technological partner METEL is a company, co-participated by FME, ANIE (Association of Producers) and ARAME (Association of Agents), that in Italy deals with EDI and more.

About FME (Federazione Nazionale Grossisti Distributori Materiale Elettrico)

The National Federation of Electrical Material Distributors Wholesalers currently has 130-member companies, with 1150 points of sale operating throughout Italy in the wholesale and retail distribution of equipment and electrical equipment in the industrial, civil and lighting sectors. The organization, established in 1970, represents about 85% of the total commercial population of the sector, with 15,000 employees and with a total turnover of 4.8 MD of € 2015.

FME aims to promote all the activities of interest for the category, coordinating the individual initiatives and keeping alive the spirit of collaboration among the Associates, through the involvement of the associative base and the relaunch of local activities.

For more information about our electricity wholesalers’ association from Italy please visit their website.

More information about METEL

METEL – abbreviation of Elettrical and Telematic Material – was founded in 1993 with the aim of offering the market a standardisation of creation and management procedures for documents linked to the order cycle. The company is related to three industry associations, who are part of the governance bodies, FME, ANIE and ARAME. Metel is the “industry’s standard”.

METEL's mission is to add value in a product sector that is worth several billion euros today, through a series of highly qualified IT management services developed for the optimal sharing of information contained in commercial and logistic documents and, last but not least, substitutive filing according to law.

With decades of experience, METEL offers users of its systems (currently about 700) the standardization of procedures for creating and managing documents that accompany the flow of goods (price list, order, order confirmation, DDT, invoice) and, thanks to the EDI - Electronic Data Interchange, these phases can be managed in a simple and precise way, with a strong reduction in costs and the elimination of human error and a consequent increase in the company's efficiency.

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