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FDME, FNAS and FND unite in the GEOD Confederation

GEOD, the Confederation of Building and Industry Wholesalers, was created in December 2019 at the initiative of FDME (French Federation of Electrical Wholesalers) and FNAS (French Federation of Sanitary appliances, heating - air conditioning and pipes Wholesalers).

GEOD's mission is to bring together, within a specific and powerful organization, Federations of the Building and Industry Wholesalers to increase their visibility and weigh more on their professional and institutional environment and, thus, ensure to better take into account their common interests and the those of their members companies.

FDME, FNAS and FND (French Federation of Decoration) will join forces and resources and strengthen their skills by providing GEOD with an « Environmental » pole, an area with a lot of issues. They will remain independent and keep control to deal with their sectorial issues. They hope that other Federations will join GEOD soon.

GEOD key figures:

  • A turnover of 15 billion euros

  • 600 companies

  • 5,000 outlets

  • 40,000 employees

FDME is the national association member of the EUEW which represents the interests of electrical wholesalers in France.



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