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EUEW is hugely rewarded for its bold decision to move on with its Convention in Barcelona

The European Union of Electrical Wholesalers (EUEW) is a 66-year-old European federation becoming stronger and stronger with time and constantly reinventing itself to remain relevant for its members and for the entire electrical wholesaler’s industry.

EUEW 2021 Annual Business Convention in Barcelona

Despite the very challenging times and conditions, the 2021 EUEW Annual Business Convention in Barcelona remains in EUEW history as one of the best organized and with the most enthusiastic participation.

About 250 delegates, from 23 countries, representatives of 17 national associations, industry leaders and experts, all gathered in Barcelona, after a long break to face-to-face meetings caused by the pandemic the world is dealing with for the past 2 years.

Sustainability, data and digitalization and e-commerce were the main topics discussed during this year’s event and they are also the main concerns of the delegates and companies who participated. Our speakers Jean-Gilles Burioni, James Hardy and Ian Heller all brought though provoking presentations that all ended with panel discussions featuring industry specialists on the topics discussed. The main conclusion of these presentations is what everyone was looking for, a confirmation that there is a future for electrical wholesalers online as well as offline.

ETIM International, with the help of its leaders Simon Barkes and Mary Shaw shared their latest achievements as well as some insights on BIM.

This year’s event also featured parallel presentations from peer organizations, part of the EUEW ecosystem. We had the pleasure to get engaged in the captivating presentations of peer organizations EuropeON, Europacable and CECAPI.

A large number of the EUEW audience opted for the intriguing presentation of Martin Bailey and Julie Beaufils at EuropeOn and spent over an hour listening to their main points and debating with them in order to find out more about EuropeOn and their very hot topic about the green and digital transition.

At the same time, Nicola Scirocco was introducing his guests in the world of Europacable, focusing on a topic which is very interesting and relevant for the electrical wholesalers, compliance with CPR. Matteo Gavazzeni and Oscar Querol introduced their organization, CECAPI and challenged the audience with their Market Surveillance Support Initiative.

EUEW is also proud to mention this year’s Convention Partners as a large number of companies sponsored the EUEW Annual Business Convention of 2021 and offered the delegates the amazing experience they had in Barcelona. No less than 9 companies ABB, OBO Bettermann, Prysmian Group, Siemens, SLV Group, UNEX, SIMON, LEDVANCE and EMR Online teamed up and made this year’s EUEW Annual Business Convention a great success.

EUEW 2021 ABC | Grand Finale Dinner at La Llotja de Mar

The success of the 2021 Convention is a result of the joint efforts of a very strong and bold EUEW, the amazing support received from the Convention Partners and the Peer Organizations but more than anything it is a success guaranteed by the trust of our delegates who participating in the Convention knowing that the EUEW would take the best care of them in the challenging times, that the EUEW would offer ample opportunities for networking and will bring cutting-edge topics for them to discuss about.

We are extremely happy to announce that the next EUEW Annual Business Convention will be organized in May 2023. Keep following EUEW for more news!


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