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EUEW Annual Business Convention 2021 – Latest news

Dear EUEW Annual Business Convention participants, those who already registered and those who intend to register, we are thrilled with the numerous confirmations of participation and requests for new registrations we recently received.

Despite the highly unpredictable direction of COVID-19 and the constant fluctuation of the level of restrictions in countries all over the world, EUEW is confident to remain one of the first industry organizations to bring you live interactions and networking in 2021.

The EUEW Annual Business Convention initially set for May 2020 has been postponed to November 2021. Although the major components of the Convention remain the same, this change caused a few, small modifications, that the EUEW event planning team is currently dealing with. Some of these changes might also affect the initial program proposed for 2020 and we plan to share the new Convention Program for 2021 with you as soon as it is final.

The EUEW event planning team would like to use these two months, July and August, to make all necessary adjustments in order to go live with the registrations for the 2021 EUEW ABC, the latest, in September.

Rest assured, we are constantly communicating with our partners in Barcelona, and we receive regular updates in respect to the COVID situation there. If new major restrictions appear close to November, we will be informed in due course and we will inform all our delegates about any potential changes.

In the meantime, we keep optimistic and look forward to welcoming you to Barcelona in November. Stay tuned, as more news about the EUEW ABC 2021 will follow shortly!



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