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EU Affairs & Advocacy Report

This issue of the EU Affairs & Advocacy Report, prepared in collaboration with EUEW Senior Advisor Bernd Gruner, sheds light on important topics addressed by the Commission related to National Energy & Climate Plans (NECP); highlights on the European Sustainable Energy Week; a special report on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and Sustainable Readiness Index (SRI); and much more.

The report also provides a comprehensive overview on EUEW representation and attendance on several EU Policy Sessions including: Implement, Industrialize, Imagine Future Building renovation; Strategies for energy efficient buildings today and in 2050; Renewables; European Sustainable Energy Week linked to Mobility; etc.

The European Data Protection Board released guidelines on codes of conduct, certification and accreditation of certification bodies. Our experts also bring our members an update on Data Exchange under the E-Commerce Directive and First Assembly of the European AI Alliance launching a pilot phase of the ethics guidelines. The report also unveils the insights of Antitrust issues where the European Commission opens formal investigation into possible anti-competitive conduct of Amazon.

Read the full report to get the above and much more on Trade and investment barriers peak of 2018; EU – Mercosur agreement conclusion after 20 years of negotiations; new regulations on market surveillance and compliance of product safety; review of the LVD, blue guide and the new legislative framework; Commission’s possible scoring system for repair and upgrade of products; Reach & Waste Legislation; and the overall European Parliament Leaderships updates.



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