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New survey on CPR from Europacable

This survey was commissioned by Europacable to USP, an independent marketing consultancy.

  • The goal is to evaluate and monitor the (1) knowledge, (2) application, and (3) use of the CPR in the European electricity sector.

  • Sectors involved are: electrical installation, Engineering, Property Development/ Construction, Distribution, Consultancy, and Manufacturing.

  • Countries involved: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Finland, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom.

  • In 2021 the number of online interviews reached 1.311; in 2022 the data collection is still in progress but it’s already possible to have a pre-view of the trends.

The main topics

Knowledge of CPR classes in electrical cables

Main findings: More than 80% of European stakeholders are aware of the CPR classes of electrical cables, but 20% of all respondents are “not very sure” how to apply CPR on electrical cables.

The comparison between 2021 and 2022 shows an improvement of knowledge of CPR among professionals... also thanks to the initiatives by Europacable and its partners, EUEW included!

Responsibilities for CPR implementation

52% follows the indication of the National Regulation on Fire Prevention and distributors/wholesalers play an important role to contribute to the most appropriate choice (17% of respondents declared to have discussions with EWS).

Real CPR application

CPR has been applied in 76% of the total annual projects.

CPR non-compliant cables

Around 62% of European stakeholders believe that non-compliant cables are used. This percentage increased in the last year.

Still, most of them do not know where to report that. Europacable is active to liaise with the competent Authorities to enable operators to contribute to this important reporting task.



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