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Germany: Public Lobbying Register now available online

Since 1 January 2022, the new German Lobbying Register is available online to create more transparency in the representation of special interests vis-à-vis politicians and the Federal Government.

Registration is obligatory for all natural or legal persons, companies, associations, or other organizations, including networks, platforms, and collective activities, that contact members, parliamentary groups or groupings of the German Bundestag in order to directly or indirectly influence decisions made by the Federal Government.

The new online register is publicly accessible, searchable, machine-readable and can be downloaded at any time. Statistics and graphics conveniently summarize content information for users.

At the time of their registration stakeholders and representatives also commit themselves to openness, transparency, honesty, integrity and the official Code of Conduct. Transgressions will be made public in the Lobbying Register.

The Lobbying Register Act and the Code of Conduct provide a new regulatory framework for the cooperation between politics, businesses, and the civil society.

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