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EuropeOn Releases Report on Business Opportunities since COVID-19 for electrical contractors

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

In contrast with many recent pessimistic outlooks, EuropeOn, the European electrical contractors’ association, released a new report entitled “Business opportunities since COVID-19: Electrical contractors at the forefront of a green & digital recovery for Europe”.

Business Opportunities since COVID-19 for electrical contractors

Electrical contractors, a sector that is comprised of over 1.8 million professionals across Europe, aim to trigger a positive reflection on how to bounce back from the crisis thanks to new or rising business opportunities at the crossroads of construction, energy and mobility.

EuropeOn -  Business Opportunities cover

The report first identifies three rising societal priorities since COVID-19 (mitigating climate change with a green recovery, improving indoor life quality, and transforming ways of working). It then showcases six main areas of business opportunities for electrical contractors (such as: services, integration, digitalization and contactless technologies) with national and local examples. Conditions for success and main obstacles are also assessed. Finally, it delivers a series of asks for policymakers to support a job-driven recovery.

Julie Beaufils, Secretary General of EuropeOn said:

“With this report, electrical contractors can look optimistically at the changes brought about by the pandemic: these professionals are already experts at solving problems. Not only can they bounce back, but they can also make a valuable contribution to a green and digital recovery in Europe as they are responsible for electrifying buildings and transport, installing rooftop solar panels, setting up energy management systems, etc.”

Martin Bailey, Chairman of EuropeOn’s Value Chain working group stated:

“An ambitious green and digital recovery will unlock new business opportunities and, as a consequence, new job opportunities. The electrical contractor’s profile is fast evolving with new careers in digitalization, smart buildings, decentralized electrification or energy services. It is an exciting time for new recruits interested in digital tools and climate change mitigation.”

Read the full report here. See the recording of our Launch Event (1h) here.


About EuropeOn

EuropeOn (ex AIE) is the European voice of the electrical contracting industry since 1954. With 1.8 million professionals in over 300.000 businesses and with a turnover of over 200 billion euros, electrical contractors provide electrical installations for buildings and infrastructures, enabling cities and citizens to take part in the Energy Transition. EuropeOn addresses energy, climate, mobility, building and skills policies. The association is campaigning in favour of Skills4Climate and #EUGreenRecovery. It is part of the Electrification Alliance, Construction 2050, the Platform for E-mobility, and the Forum for European Electrical Domestic Safety.

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