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EUEW President and Secretary General Invited to Attend FEST Congress 2018

Hans Hanegreefs (left) and Ulrich Liedtke (right) on stage during the Grand Finale event at EUEW's 63rd General Convention in Bonn, June 2018.

Mr. Ulrich Liedtke, EUEW President and Mr. Hans Hanegreefs, were invited by Mrs. Beatrix Ostermann, FEST President, to attend the FEST Congress of 2018.

The European Union of Electrical Wholesalers is really proud to announce that the EUEW President. Mr. Ulrich Liedtke and the EUEW Secretary General, Mr. Hans Hanegreefs were invited to participate in the 56th FEST Congress in Wien, between September 13th and 15th. Previously also the representatives of FEST were invited and attended the 63rd General Convention of the EUEW in Bonn, which took place on 21-23 June 2018.

The FEST Congress will take place in Vienna for the first time, from September 13th until September 15th 2018. The program includes inspiring lectures from top speakers, networking and interchange and a wide range of highlights are scheduled. In 2018, the congress is dedicated to "How to stay a successful company in the digital age". For more information about the FEST event, click here.

FEST is the European trade body to which national trade associations join to represent the interests of the sanitary and central heating articles distribution across Europe. FEST wants to work with the national member-associations, the European Commission, the national and European manufacturers associations and the national and European Installers associations. For more information about the FEST organization, click here.



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