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EU Monitoring Report: Cybersecurity

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

New technologies can bring many opportunities for organizations, but they also offer cyber criminals many ways to harm your business, deceive your customers, and spoil your reputation.

That is why is important to know that investing in preventing and tackling is mandatory for any company, especially for EUEW members where the logistics sector is an important target for hackers because it manages a huge and diverse amount of data.

In this comprehensive report, we introduce you to:

  • Types of Cyber-attacks

  • Stages of a Cyber-attack

  • Cyber-attacks: by the numbers

  • Impacts of Cyber-attacks

  • Operational

  • Reputational

  • Legal

  • Cyber-attacks in logistics: challenges and solutions

  • Some practical examples that EUEW members can adopt in order to strengthen the cybersecurity of their organization

  • Social Engineering

  • EU Cybersecurity Act overview


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