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0036 30 755 4513

Budapest, Árpád út 67, 1042 Hungary

Contact person

Zsuzsanna Nedeczky


National Electrical Enterpreneurs Association

The main aim of the association is to support the professional work, the education the scientific activity in electrical business and from 2007 also safeguarding of interests licences.

The main fields of the associations are:

  • It has a suggestion and report function about the government decisions, plans, and developments, laws who refers his professional field, and works out standpoints and suggests modifications

  • The professional safeguarding of interests of legal and natural person of the disponent members

  • The continuous exchange of experience between the members

  • The elaboration of unified professional ethical standards

  • The support of European integrations process, to the fact related affords professional information for the members, supporting the competition works to the members, the regular information about the questions about the professional field, within the development of information base and system.

  • The organisation of professional conferences and forums and professional journey

  • The development financial and professional security of electrical market

  • Keeping connection with national professional and other organisations and with foreign and international associations.

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