General Convention - Portugal 2010 - Program

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General Convention 2010

On this page, you'll find all details about the 55th General Convention Program

Working Program

3rd June 2010

19h30 - 23h00 Business contact opportunity Sheraton Porto Hotel
Bar & Garden

4th June 2010

09h00 - 17h00 New Business Opportunities * Sheraton Porto Hotel
Congress Center
09h00 Welcome. Presentation of the Program. EUEW Activities in 2009. Joao Bencatel / AGEFE & Christof Bonn / EUEW President
Energy, where is Europe going... an introduction to 'Green business opportunities' Gilles Deraison / EUEW Vice President
Alternative Energy Production
MicroCHP solutions for one-family houses - a new market segment Claudia Altenrath / Vaillant
10h30-11h00 Smart metering Jan Desmet / Ghent University
Electrical cars: business for the wholesaler? Pedro Sena da Silva / Autosil
How To Increase the energy efficiency
Saving energy in existing buildings Rudolf Sieger, Siemens
Health and Lighting ELC
12h30-14h00 Lunch
14h00 Implementing the opportunities
LED : a world-changing opportunity Jan Poelman / Philips
New Cables Generation, business for the wholesaler? Xavier Gol / GeneralCable
How will cable in building material directive improve our business? W. English D.Giordani / Europacable
How do installers approach this issues? AIE
From product to solution selling (keynote) Pedro Dionisio / University of Lisbon
15h15-15h45 Contact opportunities / Coffee break / Tea time
15h45 Face to face: Manufacturers, wholesalers, installers: How can we sell solutions together? Manufacterers / Wholesalers / Installers
Conclusions Christof Bonn / EUEW President
17h00 Presentation of the Annual Convention 2011 Simon Barkes & Nigel Ellis
20h00 - 23h00 Gala Dinner Palacio da Bolsa


* New business opportunities: The crisis is our chance: let's find solutions!

Nobody expects that our business will increase to previous levels by tomorrow. It may take some time.

Electrical Wholesalers have two possibilities: to wait until business gets better or to put on our running shoes and sell more.

Let us look over the borders with you and proven experts of Europe. In Porto we will look for new markets and find them in the megatrends of Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Saving products. How can we distribute them? This will be the main topic of our next annual convention 2010.

We have already arranged the main topics which we want to develop together with you in Portugal.

What are the emerging technologies in decentralised alternative energy production?
Decentralised energy production already exists, in form of windmills and photovoltaic panels but new technologies are just entering the market. What are these technologies? Are our clients in place to install them?

In Porto we not only speak about new products, but you can see and touch them!
Highlight: we show you a real Electro Filling Station with an E–car of the new generation.

How can technology help us to increase energy efficiency?
Technology opens a lot of opportunities for reducing energy comsumption. Higher performances in lighting as well as adapted switching systems for lighting or better regulation for heating.

How can we implement these emerging business opportunities in our companies?
It is clear that the combination of new technologies and the necessity of a change in our way of using energy already results in a large business.

At our convention in Porto we will show the way together with our partners, the manufacturers and our clients how we can profit from this large new market.

Let us find answers in Porto to the question:
How can we and our clients get our share of the cake?

Social Program

3rd June 2010

19h30 - 23h00 Business contact opportunity. Cocktail & Buffet Dinner.
Bar & Garden Party.
Sheraton Porto Hotel
Bar & Garden

4th June 2010

10h00 - 17h00 Partners Program:
Porto City Tour *
20h00 - 23h00 Gala Dinner Palacio da Bolsa

5th June 2010

08h30 - 19h30 Optional Saturday Tour -
Douro Valley or Minho **
Douro / Minho


* Porto City Tour

This tour offers you:

  • a panoramic view of the city with a visit to some of its most famous sites and monuments;
  • a boat cruise along Douro River enjoying the landscape of Porto old riverside quarters and its 6 remarkable bridges.

** Douro Valley or Minho Tour

Douro Valley Tour (min. 45 persons):

  • A visit to part of the Alto Douro wine region, inscribed by Unesco in the World Heritage List as a cultural landscape of outstandng beauty that reflects the evolution of wine-producing activity over time.
  • Porto - Regua - Pinhao - Porto
  • All day tour - bus / boat / train

If there are not enough inscriptions for the Douro Tour, an all day Minho Tour will take its place, with the same cost.



All information about registration can be found here.

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